Triumph Thunderbird LT

Winter Deals Start From 1st November To End Of March

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Its distinctive, charismatic parallel twin engine and class-leading chassis can turn every journey into the trip of a lifetime. The 2016 Thunderbird LT will transport you with effortless power and style to new adventures with the easy-going, laid-back vibe of a premium classic touring cruiser. With its 1699cc liquid cooled engine, this cruiser will purr along the highway.

Bikes come with panniers in with the price of hire and unlimited mileage.

Prices include VAT and Fully Comprehensive Insurance.

Age for this bike 24+ Deposit Required: £1000


  • 1 Day £100
  • 2 Days £200
  • 3 Days £300
  • 4 Days £400
  • 5 Days £500
  • 6-7 Days £600
  • Weekend £335


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