Sinnis Shuttle EFI 125cc







The 2017 Euro 4 Sinnis Shuttle continues on from the Sinnis Shuttle of old, by adding Electronic Fuel Injection, high efficiency linked braking system, lower emissions and LED Lighting to the 125cc Scooter. The Shuttle has always been for the very budget conscious user, not only in price but also running costs and can easily hit 100mpg + as well as being very cheap to tax and maintain. Never more so than now, where we have kept the bike as economical as possible but added all of the safety and legal aspects to the bike to meet the Euro 4 regulations in 2017. Could this be the ultimate economical commuter scooter?

Comes with unlimited mileage.

Prices include VAT and Fully Comprehensive Insurance. Age for this bike 21+

Deposit Required: £ 300

  • 1 Day £30
  • 2 Days £50
  • 3 Days £75
  • 4 Days £100
  • 5 Days £125
  • 6-7 Days £150
  • Weekend £85

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