Sinnis Apache SMR 125 For Sale









The Apache SMR is the flagship of the range with a totally new style. Trellis frame, new fairings, lights, wheels, improved tyres, rear mono shock suspension, twin exhaust and advanced upside down forks are just some of the things that make this bike the stuff of dreams. Completely Euro 4 compatible and featuring a new Electronic Fuel Injection system, digital dash with fuel gauge, fat bars and a new design swinging arm the success of the Apache is far reaching and continues into the future. The all new Apache R edition will feature many new designs, including:

  • Trellis Frame
  • Digital Dash
  • New Panels
  • New Headlight
  • New design graphics
  • Improved tyres
  • Alloy bars
  • New swing arm
  • Twin under seat exhaust


Come’s with two year’s warranty. Breakdown cover for year. Price £2349 + OTR charges Colours- Black/Orange

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