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Speeding Fines In The EU

Posted: 23rd July 2019

You guys travelling into the EU, we are now holding £100 out of your deposits for 28 days.

We are doing this as fines are now coming in every day specially from France where 1kph over the limit and your fined. We have had customers not wanting to pay there fines, with us having to do a lot of paper work to get out of paying them ourselves. This way we will pay your fine/s for you and refund any money left.

We will then send you a confirmation receipt showing we have paid your… fine for you. We also charge an admin fee of £25 for us to sort your fine/s.

You have been warned. 1/2 kph over the limit and you will get a ticket.

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We now offer a meet and greet service to and from Heathrow or Gatwick.

Posted: 11th December 2018

We have made it even easier to get to us with our meet and greet service from Heathrow or Gatwick. This service dose need pre- booking at the same time as your hire.

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Motorcycle Hire For 2019

Posted: 29th October 2018

It has come to our attention that some motorcycle hire company’s are not able to get hire insurance for 2019. Let me assure you we will be operating as normal, and are taking bookings for 2019 already. Book with us with confidence.

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