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Ride Out To Cheddar Gorge

Posted: 12th June 2020

We are having our first ride out to Cheddar Gorge on the 19th July. For the day it will cost £75 plus fuel used. You will though get to try all the bikes that come with us over the day. We will stop at least twice on the way there to change bikes. Have a bit of lunch at Cheddar, and head back stopping two/three times to change bikes again. If any of you guys would like to hire a bike and come and join us then call one of the team on 01243 780039. Its a really good fun day out, and you get to try a few bikes in one day.

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Speeding Fines In The EU

Posted: 23rd July 2019

You guys travelling into the EU, we are now holding £100 out of your deposits for 28 days.

We are doing this as fines are now coming in every day specially from France where 1kph over the limit and your fined. We have had customers not wanting to pay there fines, with us having to do a lot of paper work to get out of paying them ourselves. This way we will pay your fine/s for you and refund any money left.

We will then send you a confirmation receipt showing we have paid your… fine for you. We also charge an admin fee of £25 for us to sort your fine/s.

You have been warned. 1/2 kph over the limit and you will get a ticket.

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One Way Motorcycle Hire To Scotland Or Scotland To Chichester

Posted: 7th March 2019

We now offer a one way motorcycle hire to Scotland or Scotland to Chichester. Minimum hire 5 days. Fly into any Scottish airport and we can meet you with the motorcycle of your choice making the hire a lot easier and giving you more time to enjoy your holiday. Or start from our shop and leave your bike with us in Scotland. (Extra charges do apply).

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