Honda NC 750X

Winter Deals Start From 1st November To End Of March










The NC 750X is the next evolution – a bike designed to offer more of what every rider liked about the original NC700X, with a larger 745cc engine design ensuring a punchy performance in the low-to-mid range. With more power and torque, as well as twin balancer shafts, new exhaust muffler and taller gearing, ABS as standard; the NC750X is one of the most cost-effective and all-round useful motorcycles available. Bikes come with panniers and top box in with the price of hire and unlimited mileage.

Prices include VAT and Fully Comprehensive Insurance. Age for this bike 23+

Deposit Required: £ 600

  • 1 Day £100
  • 2 Days £150
  • 3 Days £200
  • 4 Days £250
  • 5 Days £300
  • 6-7 Days £375
  • Weekend £225

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