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Motorbike Hire Gift Vouchers – Unique Present Ideas from West Sussex Motorcycle hire

At West Sussex Motorcycle Hire, we are one of the few companies offering motorbike hire gift vouchers to give your loved ones a present to remember.

Available in £10 denominations right through to any value that you wish, we believe that our hire gift vouchers make a great way to give completely memorable present.

Depending on the riding ability and desires of the intended recipient, our gift vouchers can get someone on the road for a day for a little as £100. What does £100 buy you nowadays? Very little really but the motorcycle bike hire gift tokens can get you a BMW K1600GTL, BMW R1200GS, or a Triumph Tiger 800.

Given our highly competitive motorbike hire rates, a bigger gift voucher can secure the hire of the above bikes for 6-7 days for as little as £450.

Commemorate a Special Occasion with Bike Hire Gift Vouchers

Give a hugely personal present to your loved to commemorate a big day – be it retirement, a special birthday or any other occasion and you are sure to get a great result. We receive a lot of orders for people who want to recapture their past and get back on their bikes, and as with our motorbike hire as a whole, gift vouchers offer the perfect solution – no significant outlay and the potential to rekindle a passion from the past.

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