BMW R1250GS/TE Rally

Winter Deals Start From 1st November To End Of March







The new R1250GS is here. The new 134bhp engine has more power for better over taking. The engine runs smoother and quieter with its new double over head camshaft. With its 6 inc TFT screen you get a great heads up view while riding.

As like the R1200GS features everything you need to cross the world in style. Whether a one week trip for two or fulfilling the dream of a lifetime thousands of miles away from home. This bike will take you where you want to go in comfort and style. Bikes come with heated grips, and cruise control as standard.

Prices include VAT and Fully Comprehensive Insurance. Age for this bike 24+

Deposit Required: £ 1000

  • 1 Day £100
  • 2 Days £200
  • 3 Days £300
  • 4 Days £400
  • 5 Days £500
  • 6-7 Days £650
  • Weekend £350

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