All about bike club.


Something a bit different from your normal hire. As a member of bike club you’ll get unlimited use of a motorcycle of your choosing.

One of the most important things in life is making memories with family and friends, Bike Club helps you make that happen. Bike Club offers you unlimited, hassle free motorcycling with our fleet of new bikes.

You have all the fun of motorcycling without the costs and responsibilities of being a bike owner. With our varied range of bikes we’ve got bikes that will meet all your needs for any occasion.

Our dedicated team will take care of cleaning, maintenance, servicing, storage and insurance leaving you free to spend all your leisure time on the road experiencing new adventures. Bike Club is convenient, just book with us and once you arrive you simply get on your bike and ride away, it’s that simple, all you pay for is your fuel.

More information about our fees: The one-off joining fee for Bike Club is £3295. Membership includes unlimited access to all bikes. (subject to availability)

Once a year we will do something very special with all the club members. Members will also get 15% off bike clothing, helmets, and any Givi accessories.

For more information please call a member of staff on 01243 780039.

Sports bikes will have a limit of up to a weekend hire, and touring bikes a limit of up to two weeks hire at anyone time.

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